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Standing still is no longer an option as significant changes in healthcare regulations and markets are 'pushing' organizations to fundamentally adjust their long term strategies for the improvement of healthcare.

Spend a moment to learn who we are and what we do in healthcare Continuous Improvement (CI) using both Lean and Six Sigma.

Our client-centred approach uses a mix of collaborative services and traditional consulting to offer comprehensive education, mentoring, consulting products and services to formulate a successful CI program. The simple goal is to support an organization as it delivers effective and efficient health service for patient, staff, family and community by creating a sustainable CI capability within the organization.

The changing global economy is placing the greater healthcare community under pressure to provide effective and efficient health services with fewer resources. The challenge has many fronts:

  • Electronic Medical Records and CPOE
  • Under or non-insured patients
  • Affordable Care Act
  • ICD 10 implementation
  • Medicare and Medicaid reduction in reimbursements
  • Bundling of ’set’ procedures
  • RAC

These issues acutely demonstrate the need for more effective and efficient processes to deliver quality health services. Many healthcare organizations will face financial difficulty unless they learn to become agile, flexible and adaptive to the ever changing economic and regulatory landscape. CI is the most powerful way to develop that adaptability and agility.

Engaging, educating and mentoring your staff on the methods of CI is only a step, but it is a powerful first step in developing a sustainable CI organization. We have the tools and expertise to start you on the journey and follow through to ensure you CI capability becomes mature and sustainable.




On-line BB Certification Course

By Demand we are offering a Second Web Based LSS BB Certification Course in collaboration with Oriel

Registrtion Starts June 1st 2013

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# 1 Download: Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare Paper


Perception of Lean's Application in Healthcare
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